Testimonials about Nick's

Everyone these days is talking about how amazing Nick's Sports Bar is and indeed from the moment a person gets in to the moment they leave, they have a great experience that is not one they forget. It's also an experience that they want to repeat and tell all their friends about which is why over 80% of the people that eat at Nick's come back to eat again and the only advertising Nick's does is word of mouth advertising. Even with that modest amount of advertising, we're always crowded and have people on the waiting list!

But hey, don't just take our word for it! Here are some great things that people have either said to our servers or have written down on suggestion cards for us to use as testimonials on this website.

Hey, I just wanted to e-mail you guys to let you know what a fantastic time I had at Nick's! I usually catch the game in another sports bar that is close to yours but as luck would have it, that sports bar was closed last night and therefore I ended up coming to Nick's instead. As it turned out, that luck was good luck because man oh man did I have a great time at your restaurant. Not only was the food better, but the intermission entertainment and trivia just made things so much more fun than I'm used to. You can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be back at Nick's to watch the next game.

- Martin Levy, avid hockey fan

Great food and great prices make a great restaurant and that is why I absolutely love coming to your place to eat.

- Julian Van Dyke

You know it's rare nowadays to find a sports bar that really gets it when it comes to how people want to be treated when they're watching their favourite team play. You guys know exactly how to make sure that a person's having a good time without getting in their face about it and you know how to make sure that we get a chance to watch the game in peace without feeling neglected by the servers. You should really start classes to teach that stuff to the other sports bars around because as a man that's been to dozens in my time I can tell you that none of them compare to what I saw at your place.

- Geordie Plourant, a visitor from out of town

Hi there, I'd like to thank you for being such a great place to eat. Before I found Nick's Sports Bar, I didn't have a go to restaurant. In the life of a person that eats out of the house on a fairly frequent basis, not having a home base that I could go to whenever I wasn't feeling particularly adventurous was not a good feeling but try as I might I could never get enthusiastic enough about a place to want to go there regularly. Nick's changed all that for me by combining good food, a friendly staff and great prices. Now I come to Nick's all the time and it's really been good to me over the last few months. Thanks again!

- Jeffrey Gorman