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Are you someone that absolutely loves the world of sports, no matter what sport happens to be on television at the time? Are you the type of person that will just turn on the TV, put it on the sports channel and then watch for hours on end regardless of whether you actually know what you're watching or not? Are you the type of person that could spend your whole life chatting with your friends about sports? Are you the type of person that regularly takes trips out of town to watch your favorite sports team play? If you are, then Team Nick wants you right now!

Nick's Sports Bar is not just a restaurant that people can go to when they want great food and good times, but it also happens to be a place where the sporting world comes alive. We absolutely love sports and we love to share that love with other people that love sports too. To that end, there are events going on at Nick's Sports Bar all the time that can be considered extremely fun by the different people that come to those events. Whether you're beating your buddies at trivia about your sports team, winning a darts competition or doing anything else in between, Nick's Sports Bar is the central location for you and your sporting fun.

But don't just take our word for it, actually come down and see for yourself. The first time that you come out to one of the special events at Nick's Sports Bar you'll be totally hooked for the rest of time! And you'll not only want to come back whenever that special night is repeated, but you'll want to know a bunch of things about all of the other events that go on at Nick's Sports Bar.

If you truly want to become a part of the amazing experience that is Nick's Sports Bar, then you need to sign up and become a member of Nick's Sports Bar. Becoming a member gives you the following benefits:

- Having a blast with all of your buddies on a constant basis by making sure that you meet at Nick's Sports Bar

- Staying in the loop about everything and anything that goes on at Nick's Sports Bar including announcements of upcoming special events as well as Team Nick events occurring outside of the actual sports bar

- Getting features about the different sports that are going on, allowing you to keep up with the world of sports even if your real life is hectic at the moment and work prevents you from reading through all of the sports news available

- And much more!

Joining Team Nick is a relatively easy thing to do. All you have to do to join is to send us your first and last name, your e-mail address, your birthday, your address and what your sporting history is both in terms of playing sports and in terms of watching them. Knowing everyone's contact information and sporting preferences in this way will allow us to plan events that every Team Nick member will love.