Nick's Language

To most of the people around they might seem like nonsensical ramblings, but to those of us in the know sports clichés have become very near and dear to our hearts. Well, when you're in Nick's Sports Bar, many of these different clichés that are used in sports broadcasts take on a totally new meaning. The more time you spend in Nick's Sports Bar or on our website, the more of these clichés you'll understand and the better off you'll be when speaking Nick's language.

Here are some of the phrases that are part of the Nick language. If you have any others, feel free to send them to us!

It's a game of inches: What someone says at Nick's Sports Bar when they're having trouble finishing their meal. It might also be what a waiter says after they've just poured the perfect cup of Guinness.

It's going down to the wire: What someone says at Nick's Sports Bar when the trivia, the darts, the bingo or any other game has become too close to call. Because of how good all the players are at Nick's Sports Bar (lots of practice and great facilities, after all), things go down to the wire on a frequent basis!

It's a real pressure cooker: What a cook says at Nick's when they need to cook something in the pressure cooker.

The fans are getting their money's worth: What always happens at Nick's Sports Bar because of the great food, the good friends and the wonderful times that people experience day after day and night after night when they visit Nick's Sports Bar.

What a difference a week makes: What someone says at Nick's Sports Bar when they order the same thing two Saturdays in a row and it turns out good on one Saturday, but absolutely fantastic on the Saturday after.

It's a shame somebody has to lose this game: Something that you will never, EVER hear at Nick's Sports Bar unless it's on the television, because nobody ever loses at Nick's. Going there is a win-win situation for everyone.

You can't teach that: What is said at Nick's when someone burrows through twenty chicken wings in less than a minute.

The competitive juices are flowing: When someone at Nick's challenges someone else to an eating contest to be officiated by the bar's staff.

Crunch time: Whenever someone at Nick's Sports Bar orders one of the crunchier items on the menu like the salad with croutons, the crunchy chicken wing batter or any of the toasted sandwich dishes. It's always crunch time at Nick's simply because everyone tends to love the crunchier items on the menu!

They can't quite put them away: This is what happens when someone at Nick's Sports Bar makes a valiant effort but in the end is unable to finish the meal that they ordered. Usually, this results in a doggy bag being used to bring the leftovers home. Just because you can't eat something in Nick's is no reason to completely waste it!