Special Menus

A restaurant that doesn't have a special menu is not a restaurant with a great atmosphere, because special menus show thought and consideration for special events. Nick's Sports Bar understands this, which is why every new event that we host at the sports bar gets its own special menu. While we don't know what the special menu is until the day of the event (providing suspense for all of those that want to take the event in at Nick's), here are some special menus that we created for previous dates. These special menus usually take the course of a full meal option that is available in addition to Nick's normal menu.

Superbowl Special Menu - Four Course Meal, $45

  • Course 1 - Appetizer Course
  • Soup of the Day, which was French Onion Soup
  • Choice between a Superbowl Caesar Salad and Nick's Garden Salad

Course 2 - Main Course Chilli served in a football shaped bread bowl, served with choice of fries and mashed potatoes as well as choice of rice or tortilla

Course 3 - Desert Course

Superbowl Sundae with chocolate ice cream, vanilla icing decoration and fudge brownies cut into the shape of a football

Course 4 - After Dinner Course

Party platter of French fries, nachos, chicken wings and popcorn shrimp for munching on during the rest of the game

March Madness Special Menu - Two Course Meal, $25

Course 1 - Appetizer Course

Nick's Soup of the Day, which changed multiple times throughout the tournament

Basketball Salad, which consisted of lettuce, yellow peppers and shredded carrots topped with a very light dressing in order to accentuate the flavour Mozzarella sticks, breaded lightly and containing melted cheese inside

Course 2 - Main Course

Choice of Nick's Basketball Burger (Banquet Burger with a few additional fixings) or Nick's Chicken Platter, which game with chicken wings, chicken breasts and choice of side dish

Nick's comes up with special menus on a regular basis, because we love getting into the spirit of a particular event. Food helps us do that and the creations that we come up with for the event often help our customers enjoy that event even more.