Regular Events at Nick's Sports Bar

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When people are regularly asked why they choose a particular restaurant on a specific night or why a particular place seems to be their favorite hangout, would it surprise you to know that most of them do not answer that the food has a lot to do with it? While it might not surprise you since you might feel this way, it certainly surprised us when we found out that the thing that people really love about Nick's Sports Bar is not the food. While the food is terrific, that is one thing that many other restaurants in our area have apparently. Food is just the beginning of what makes a restaurant great and what continues to make it great is atmosphere.

A place with a formal atmosphere is where you go when you want to have a quiet dinner with the spouse, but a place with a formal atmosphere is not appropriate for just hanging out no matter how good the food might be. What people love about Nick's is that it represents the good old hangout that is slowly fading away to be replaced by other forms of entertainment. Nick's is a throwback to the good old days and we are able to accentuate that with our regularly occurring events. Here are some of the regular events that you can find at Nick's.

Darts Tournaments: While there is a huge debate that goes on about whether darts can be considered a sport or not, it is certainly a game that requires skill to master and for that reason there are many people that can be seen at Nick's practicing their skill whenever they get a chance. Nick's dart boards are almost always in use and every Sunday evening we hold a tournament to see who the best dart player in the room is. The winner of our darts tournament gets a free meal on the house, which provides even more incentive for you to get to Nick's whenever you can in order to practice your dart skills!

Pub Trivia: It would not be a pub without a pub trivia night and Nick's understands this better than most of the other pubs out there. Tuesday nights are when pub trivia happens at Nick's with different tables squaring off against each other in an effort to find out who the smartest people are in the room (or just the people with the most time on their hands to acquire a bunch of useless information!). Bragging rights for this game are better than almost anything else, because people that win Nick's Sports Bar pub trivia can brag about it until the following tournament. And if they win again and get a streak going, the bragging rights shoot through the roof!

Bingo: While not a weekly event, bingo does occur at least once a month on varying days at Nick's Sports Bar (check the website or join our team to get e-mail announcements as to when the next bingo night will be). This is not the impossible to win bingo that you might gamble with elsewhere, but instead is something that you can have a blast playing with your friends. Prizes vary but will usually be in the realm of free drinks or food redeemable that night or whenever you visit Nick's Sports Bar next.

These are just three of the many other events that take place at Nick's Sports Bar. Whether it's an event surrounding a particularly important game on TV or whether it's something regular that we do every week, the atmosphere that these events create at Nick's Sports Bar is one of the best reasons to choose us for your next night out on the town.