Nick Answers

Gods of Luxor Slots

There are a number of different questions that get asked to us on a rather frequent basis by different people whether they happen to be customers, members of the press or even competitors on occasion. Most of them have to do with a particular part of Nick's Sports Bar and a lot of them involve giving away our secrets to success. Well, we here at Nick's do not have any secrets to success and any frequently asked question that someone might think of is posted below. If you have another question about Nick's, feel free to send us an e-mail and we will reply and post your question on this page.

Q1: Is there really a person named Nick?

A: Yes there it, but unfortunately Nick passed away some time ago. The story of Nick is quite a remarkable one and one that deserves complete mention here. He was a man that immigrated to this country in the early 20th century and at the time he landed he had nothing but the clothes on his back and a few bills in his pocket. He was able to get a loan and open Nick's Sports Bar and ever since that time the bar has flourished. Of course, it used to be a diner before being transformed into the modern building you see today, but Nick's love, his care and his attention to detail and aspiration for excellence still live on in the spirit of Nick's Sports Bar. Nick is an example to all that good profits and good business can go hand in hand and this is why the new owners chose to keep his name on when they bought the building after his death.

Q2: So what exactly is Nick's Sports Bar?

A: Well, some might refer to Nick's as being an experience more than it is a place, but quite simply put Nick's Sports Bar is a building that is dedicated to rebuilding the lost restaurant archetype of the sports bar. To that end, there is both a restaurant area and a bar area in the sports bar as well as rooms on other floors that can be used for entertaining large parties. The staff is selected with care and many of our higher seniority people have been in the business for decades. All of these different things combine to create the essence of Nick's Sports Bar; the same sports bar that so many people from in town and out of town love.

Q3: What special events do you offer at Nick's Sports Bar?

A: We offer a number of different events at Nick's Sports Bar, but the three largest ones are the bingo, darts and trivia nights that we have. More information about those events can be found by clicking on this link.

Q4: Does Nick's Sports Bar do anything for the community?

Absolutely! To find out more about the contributions that Nick's makes to the community around us, click on this link. You'll find that Nick does more than most other companies do when it comes to giving back to the community.