Nick's Sports Bar

Welcome to Nick's Sports Bar, where the event of the day is having fun and everything that we do leads you right to it!

Nick's Sports Bar is a different type of sports bar because we actually care about every person that walks through the doors. We know that people come to sports bars in order to have fun and that if they wanted a stuffy place with nothing more than normal pub fare and disinterested waiters, there are dozens of other places they could go! You don't get any of that at Nick's however. From the moment you walk in through the doors you can see that Nick's Sports Bar is totally different.

All of the staff from the person that greets you and shows you to your table to the bartender minding all of the customers on the stools are cheerful sorts that know how to have fun on the job. When employees know how to have fun, it becomes a lot easier for the customers to have fun also. Nick's understands this and this is why we take great care to hire people that know how to have fun while working in the sports bar environment. To learn more about the staff we have working at the bar, just click on the link that will take you right to that page.

In addition to the staff experience, there are also regular events taking place during the weeks and months ahead. Special events can happen every month in addition to regular events like bingo and trivia and in order to find out what's coming up next at Nick's simply visit the calendar for more information.

Great Food

For those of you that are just interested in grabbing a bite to eat and watching the game, Nick's Sports Bar delivers again! With great food cooked by people that are devoted to their work and great screens with subscriptions to all of the sports channels, taking a seat at Nick's to watch your favorite team play is no big deal at all. We are open to at least midnight all days as well, making it even easier for you to enjoy yourself.

So pull up a chair, grab a beer and have yourself a great time at Nick's Sports Bar!