A lot of people ask us if we cater for different events, festivities and gatherings and the simple answer to that question is a resounding yes. Nick's Sports Bar caters for both events that are going to be held in the sports bar with Nick's forming the venue as well as events that are going to be occurring at other venues and that want to have Nick's own brand of food served at the event in order to get compliments from the guests.

In House Catering

In house catering is usually a much cheaper proposition for the simple reason that we charge very little for the use of the venue and we don't have to pay transportation costs in order to get all of the food out of Nick's and to wherever you want it to be. Nick's Sports Bar as a venue is actually pleasing to most people and we have gotten many compliments from people that were leery about holding an event in a sports bar and were pleasantly surprised when they got to Nick's.

You can choose either to have the event in the larger area of the restaurant where there will be tables, chairs, entertainment and television sets for you to make use of or you can have it in a separate pub room that we keep for such events. The great entertainment that comes with Nick's will not be as present in that room, but there will be very comfortable seating, a large television screen and tables and chairs that you can either use or set aside to create a large amount of free space on the room floor.

As for the actual catering, you can choose from any item on the Nick's menu or you can suggest and item and we will talk about custom fees for creating that item in large quantities for your event. The house staff will also be available to provide liquor for any event as all of our licenses are filed and up to date.

Off Site Catering

Off site catering is more expensive because of the reasons stated above, but at the same time we also offer the full range of menu items and the same custom options that you would get if you were to look for catering in the actual bar. Nick's understands that some people might want to have access to our great chef and foods while not wanting their specific event in a sports bar and for that reason we will do everything in our power to make sure that your catered event goes off without a hitch.

The Nick's Difference

With Nick's Sports Bar, not only do you get a lot of greatness in terms of the actual food quality, but you also get mobile entertainment (in some areas, subject to increased price overall) as well as the great customer service that people have come to expect from the staff at Nick's Sports Bar. Just because we sometimes cater out of the restaurant does not mean that we leave our great service and quality behind. It goes wherever agents of Nick go and that is the absolute truth.