Nick’s Starting Line Up

Nick’s Starting Line up is full of some of the best people in the business. Whether you are looking for great cooking, good entertainment, a good ceremonial host or good people to bring you your orders, you’ll be able to find all of them easily at Nick’s Sports Bar. While a bunch of cooks, wait staff and entertainers work together in order to make the Nick’s experience as good as it can possibly be, there are a number of different people that can be considered at the top of each department. These people collectively represent the starting line up that Nick puts into the field every single day; the people that make sure that everything runs smoothly in the Nick’s Sports Bar machine.

Daniel “The Head Cook” Clarkson

You might see Daniel around every now and then, but you’ve definitely tasted his mastery at work if you’ve ever eaten a dish at Nick’s! One of the few people that are actually present during every single waking hour that Nick’s is open, Daniel is the anchor to the whole starting line up. He makes sure that all of the meals are cooked to the high quality standards that people have come to expect from us and he is also the one that makes sure that everything goes off without a hitch and that people are able to get their meals in a timely manner. There aren’t that many people around that have the ability to handle dozens of orders at the same time and still keep a cool head through it all, but Daniel is definitely one of those people. He’s always working to improve his craft also, which is why new items might appear on the Nick’s menu from time to time.

Mary “Ironsides” McCarthy

Mary’s a great gal that’s been working at Nick’s Sports Bar for years now. She was one of the first waitresses hired to help out with the organized chaos that is a night at Nick’s and over the years she has become the main player in the waiting tables arena. Her poise on the job combined with her encyclopedic knowledge of all things Nick has allowed her to be an integral part to the build up of the Nick’s brand. Many of the people that come back to Nick’s only do so because of the great service that they received and when people are talking about service, they are usually talking about the great skills that Mary and people like her possess. She is also responsible for hiring new waiters and waitresses and her knowledge of what makes a person good in that job has resulted in a truly all-star cast of characters being hired for those positions at Nick’s Sports Bar.

Joshua “Drinks” Solomon

If you are looking for the best bartender in the country, then look no further than Josh Solomon. Sometimes known as drinks to the people that know him well, Josh has been a bartender for over twenty years. He knows every single drink ever created and has the ability to make anything you want on request. People have actually tested this by thinking of the most obscure drinks that they can remember and Josh has been up to the task of not only knowing how to make their drinks, but also at speaking knowledgably about the history of the drink while doing so. Josh is one of the reasons that the bar at Nick’s has done so well over the years and he is definitely one of the lynchpins of Nick’s Starting Line Up. If you don’t believe us, just have a chat with him yourself and you’ll see how much a bartender’s personality and ability can add to the bar experience.